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The need for the services of a grant attorney who understands the ins and outs of the granting process that is safe and legally correct become even more crucial amid the modernization process that demands compliance and legal observance so as to ensure that legal problems don’t arise in the future. A&A law office provides the services of a lawyer/ advocate/ lawyer grant that ensures that your grant process is legal correct and the A&A law office as a lawyer’s office will conduct a legal audit first before giving legal recommendations on the grant process you wish to take.

Basically, a Grant is a gift from someone during his lifetime to someone else. Arrangements regarding Grants are contained in Article 1666- Article 1693 of the Civil Code. Regarding what is meant by grants can be seen in Article 1666 of the Civil Cod:

The Grant is an agreement which the donor, in his lifetime, is free and irrevocably, gives up something for the purpose of the recipient of the grant and receiving the handover.

The law does not recognise other grants other than the grants among people who are still alive.

Basically, the grant is valid and consequently applies to the parties of the grant recipient has explicitly received the gives (with a notarial deed) This is regulated in Article 1683 jo. Article 1882 of the civil code.


There is no such gift except as intended in Article 1687 can be done without a notarial deed, the minut (the original text) must be stored in a notary and of not done so then the gift is invalid.


There is no gift either binds the donor or causes something before the gift is received with express words by the person who is given the gift or by the representative who has been authorised by them to accept the gift that has been or will be given.

if the receipt is not carried out with the deed of donation, then the receipt can be done with an authentic deed later, the original manuscript must be kept by the Notary public if it happens while the donor is still alive. In such a case, for the donor, the gift is only valid since the receipt of the gift has been officially notified to him.

However, a grant for tangible movable objects or receivables to be paid upon submission, does not require a notary deed and is valid if the gift is simply handed over to the recipient of the grant or to another person who receives the grant to be forwarded to the recipients grant.

Thus, a grant is an agreement to give or to hand over an object belonging to the grantor, which is carried out in his lifetime, to the recipient of the grant without any benefit to the grantor from what he has given.

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